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Energy Healing

45 min $100

60 min $110

75 min $120

Life Force Energy, also called "chi" or "prana" flows through and around our bodies. Events and circumstances in our lives (trauma, injury, repressed and suppressed emotions and feelings, as well as bodily disconnection) can lead to imbalance or dysfunction in the energy system. This energetic imbalance is not unlike how the physical body is impacted by stress or trauma... our bodies (just like our Energy System) will often acclimate to tension and stress by developing compensation patterns, where we clench our muscles, for example clenching the shoulders or jaw when you are very focused on a task or preoccupied. When we habitually hold tension in our bodies, it can become normalized, and and even goes unnoticed by many of us as we go through our busy lives!
By unblocking areas where Energy impeded, the natural flow and function is opened back up in the body/mind system.
I'll assess and check for patterns of dysfunction in your Energy System, and work to restore the natural movement and flow of Energy.
Energy Healing
is a gentle way of balancing the natural Life Force Energy that surrounds and permeates the body.

Although we cannot see this Energy with our eyes, we can observe the quality of it in many practical, familiar ways:
body language, attitude, demeanor and clarity or confusion of mind says a great deal about the health of someone's Energy Field. 
A Healer does not "fix" someone else, but rather serves to facilitate and accelerate the body/mind system's innate ability to heal. 
A Healing session can relieve stress and will often reduce or eliminate pain.
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