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Preventative Care

  • Stress and tension from our daily lives causes us to tense up which results in perpetually tight musclesOften medical doctors will prescribe pain killers for these issues which hide the symptoms and do nothing about the cause of the problem.
Because of the repetitive activities (work, hobbies, etc) we perform each day, certain muscles are often neglected or overused; this can lead to chronic muscle tightness (sometimes referred to as hypertonic muscles) and in turn ischemia (insufficient blood flow/ oxygen to the soft tissues).  For many individuals this is a vicious cycle: tight and tense muscles can cause ischemia, which causes discomfort and pain, further stress (causing the body to tense) and so on.  Without hands-on therapy these issues will perpetuate and can eventually lead to injury and drastically limit your range of movement.  Many people cannot even walk without experiencing high levels of pain.  Regular massage treatments reduce daily muscle tension and prevent chronic muscle tightness as well assist muscle tissue in post-workout recovery.  As our society is gaining more education and respect for hands-on natural healing, more physicians are recommending massage to their patients, however drugs are far too often given out as a quick, temporary fix. 
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