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Therapeutic Massage

30 min $65

45 min $75

60 min $85

75 min $100

90 min $120

120 min $150

Therapeutic massage promotes increased mobility and range of motion in the joints, and eases tension and stress.
You'll receive a personal consultation to ensure a massage that is fitted perfectly for you. This may be area-specific focus or a session all about enhancing calmness and reducing stress. Some of the techniques that are integrated are:
Swedish Massage is all about relaxation: smooth, gliding strokes.
Deep Tissue Massage involves slower more focused work, to get into the deeper tissue layers.
Myofascial Release targets the fascia, a layer of tissue that connects and supports the entire body.  Fascia can become stuck and create trigger points, causing pain and pressure in the body, which can worsen injuries and conditions like arthritis.
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