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Add-Ons can be added to just about any service, and are a cost effective way to deepen the experience without changing the session duration.

CBD Isolate

Pain Relief Blend


Hemp CBD isolate (125 mg/oz) is infused into the massage cream (The cream also contains a blend of lavender and hemp oil). An additional blend of anti-inflammatory essential oils including Certified Organic Copaiba oleoresin (also a potent source of CBD aka Cannabidiol) and Turmeric that will help to reduce pain and inflammation where you need it the most!


For sessions 60 min and up $15

(Essential oils integrated throughout the session)

For sessions 30-45 min $10

(Essential oils utilized on main areas of concern)

Add pure, fragrant essential oils to any bodywork service. Select your own, or have the therapist choose what fits the session for your healing today. Popular oils for decreasing inflammation and calming stress are Lavender, Blue Tansy, Peppermint and Eucalyptus. Many other oils are available including pre-made blends for specific healing needs.

Energy Healing


Integrating Energy Healing into a massage session will deepen the results you experience: often pain relief lasts longer, and a grounded sense of calm is felt.

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If you'd like to find out what Reflexology is all about, try the add-on with your massage or energy healing session. The extra foot work will make you want to stay on the table long after the massage is over.

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Soft silicone cups are an effective tool that help the therapist break up knots and encourage circulation. Instead of compressing tissue with downward pressure as traditional massage strokes do, the silicone cups lift and separate the stuck areas of the tissues. This lifting action can be tremendously helpful in the work when combined with massage techniques as it creates a "push/ pull" dynamic.

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