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Somatic Meditation can help us to return to a sense of groundedness.

Sessions are usually done lying down on a yoga mat and can be profoundly relaxing.

Participants experience relief from pain, stress, some have even said they feel so relaxed after class it's like they've had a massage. This is beginner friendly, and also good for those who've had difficulty meditating in the past. Instead of trying to force the mind to be quiet, we gently pay attention to the body, this is called "Interoception", which is the ability to feel the signals & sensations from the body like feeling the heartbeat or a hungry stomach.


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Luray, Va

Downtown Studios Unlimited

Fri @ 5:15pm

52-56 West Main St

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Front Royal, Va

Ruby Yoga

Sat @ 3:00pm

17 A South Royal Ave

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Meet The Team

Full Body Massage starts here...

A Bodywork Session is all about re-mobilizing tissues that may be tired, achy, tight or stiff. My approach is to calm the mind and body while also engaging the muscle tissue and fascia. This means deep restful relaxation while also promoting pain relief and movement!



Private guided sessions:

30 min $85

45 min $100

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