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Client Testimonials

Both times I visited, I have ended up making a second appointment in one weekend because the massage and energy work was so incredible (and I don't live locally).  The massage is deep enough to release the tight spots, plus the aromatherapy and energy work brings the massage to a whole new level of relaxation.

                                                           - Kirsten C.

Rich massaged my partner and she said it was phenomenal.  She gets massages every week, so that's saying something.

                                    - Aaron B.

In the course of recovering from a "frozen shoulder" I've tried a number of therapies.  Most spa managers have been pleasant but ineffective.  But Rich is a true healer and now a part of my wellness team.
                                                                 - Bev J.
I've had massages all over the country, and this one was amazing and thoroughly restorative!  Rich did an excellent job focusing on my problem areas, and I felt like a million bucks after this exceptional service, it was incredible.
                                - Veronika B.
The challenge this weekend was if my husband would enjoy the experience.  He was like putty after the massage.  Rich worked on his shoulders and neck with the right amount of pressure to break it all up without torturing the guy.
- Ksmess
Rich, performed the prenatal massage for my wife and she absolutely loved it.
- Jon B.
Rich is extremely gifted in the art of healing and massage.  I had tremendous pain in my shoulder and neck before I came to him and after the first session it was greatly reduced.  Each time I see him my neck and shoulder thank me!  He truly cares about what he's doing.  Very well worth the trip!
                                                      - Kate G.
My symptoms are completely gone. No tightness and no pain at all, no matter how far I stretch my foot. I believe in a lot of things but I'm actually really surprised your method (Energy Healing) had any effect on me at all. Thanks a ton!
                                                  - Melinda B.

Had a great massage by Rich. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in dealing with my back pain.Very attentive and careful. Wonderful 90 minutes of shear bliss.

                               - Lavendersalt

I had shoulder and upper arm pain which bothered me everyday for about 6 months.  I was unable to lift my left arm. After my first visit with Rich, it was completely gone and now my arm is back to normal!
                                                     - Kandy G.
I would not have believed in this method of healing until this was done on my own body.  This is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me, now there is no knee pain, and the pain in my hip is also clearing up. TRY IT!  UNBELIEVABLE!
                                                   - Barbara J.
As a nurse, I suffered from upper back pain for years.  After seeing Rich once my symptoms started to improve and got progressively better each visit. After 3 visits I no longer had the back pain.  Rich is amazing and I feel 150% better!
                                                     - Rema F.

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