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Sound Therapy promotes healing by relaxing the mind creaitng a state of overall wellness.

Sound Therapy instruments are tuned to frequencies that resonate with the human brain waves that are produced when we enter into a state of calm.

The power of Sound Therapy is that it bypasses the cognitive mind, so the nervous system entrains with these healing frequencies effortlessly!

When we shift our nervous system out of stress mode, or activate the Parasympathetic nervous system also know as the "rest & digest" system, it allows the immune system (which is often suppresed due to stress) to do it's job, so that healing can occure!

Meet The Team

Full Body Massage starts here...

A Bodywork Session is all about re-mobilizing tissues that may be tired, achy, tight or stiff. My approach is to calm the mind and body while also engaging the muscle tissue and fascia. This means deep restful relaxation while also promoting pain relief and movement!


Sound Therapy

45 min $100

60 min $115

75 min $130

90 min $150

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