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Relaxing Back Massage

Myofascial Release restores mobility and function!

Rich has been teaching and learning about Bodywork for well over a decade. He utlizes Therapeutic Stretching and Myofascial Release in his technique. This is a Bodywork technique that restores smooth movement, sometimes in just 1 session by releasing places where our soft tissues (Fascia) have become stuck like glue. "Myo" means muscle, and "fascial" refers to the Fascia (a tough connective tissue that encases our muscles like plastic wrap). Fascia often becomes rigid and stuck like glue creating tight areas of immobility called "adhesions". What causes these adhesions?



A variety of soft tissue focused healing options

Meet The Team

Full Body Massage starts here...

A Bodywork Session is all about re-mobilizing tissues that may be tired, achy, tight or stiff. My approach is to calm the mind and body while also engaging the muscle tissue and fascia. This means deep restful relaxation while also promoting pain relief and movement!

Image by Toa Heftiba

Bodywork Session

30 min $65           45min $75

60 min $85         75 min $100

90 min $120        120 min $150

Melt away stress and tension...

Heated basalt stones are used to release tension, providing deep penetrating heat which is comforting and soothing. During the session I'll address the fascia tissue which will help relieve restriction and immobility.


Hot Stones

60 min $105         75 min $120

90 min $140        120 min $180

Happy feet means a happy body...

Reflexology is traditionally done on the feet, but can encompass other areas like the hands and even the ears. People often fall asleep because of how deeply relaxing it is. By stimulating pressure points that correspond to other areas of the body, the session provides full body therapy. Promotes better sleep and stress relief.

Reflexology Therapy


30 min $65           45min $75

60 min $85         75 min $100

90 min $120       120 min $150

Lose the jaw pain, feel at ease again...

The ultimate treatment for jaw pain and tightness, headaches, stiff neck and facial tension. A blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary oils is used to ease away tension in the scalp and face.


Head, Neck & Face Session

30 min $75           45min $85

A powerful way to reduce mental and physical stress, Bodywork is now widely recognized for it's benefits. A side-lying position is used for your comfort. Pillows are used to take pressure off the back and hips. Remember to speak with your OBGYN first to decide if prenatal Bodywork is right for you.

Moms deserve the best...


Prenatal Bodywork

30 min $65           45 min $75

60 min $85         75 min $100

90 min $120        120 min $150

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