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Richard is extremely gifted in the art of healing and massage.  I had tremendous pain in my shoulder and neck before I came to him and after the first session it was greatly reduced.  Each time I see him my neck and shoulder thank me!  He will tailor the massage to your specific needs and you can tell he truly cares about what he's doing.  Very well worth the trip!

Kate G. (McGaheysville, VA)

Thank you for helping me yesterday at the Mimslyn with a healing massage and helping with my painful elbow that was crushed many years ago. I have only had a slight stinging that lasted very briefly in the elbow since your therapy.  Thank you for your miracle healing touch!
Hazel Z. (Rappahannock, VA)
Hey Rich, just thought I'd let you know that my symptoms are completely gone. No tightness and no pain at all, no matter how far I stretch my foot. I believe in a lot of things but I'm actually really surprised your method (Energetic Healing) had any effect on me at all. Thanks a ton!
Melinda B. (Harrisonburg, VA)
Rich is very professional and calming with excellent customer service. He makes us feel safe and special every time we visit. At each visit Rich asks us how we have been feeling since the last visit and then customizes the massage based on our replies. It may contain Pain Relief, Deep Tissue, Reflexology or other techniques depending on our needs.  We have been very pleased with the service and make the 50 minute drive from our home to see Rich each month.
Maria and Bill S. (Strasburg, VA)
I had shoulder and upper arm pain which bothered me everyday for about 6 months.  It caused me to be unable to lift my left arm. After my first visit with Rich, it was completely gone and now my arm is back to normal.  I see Rich on a monthly basis now, it is a wondeful experience!  He will find what best fits your needs and make any pain go away!
Kandy G. (Broadway, VA)
One of the first things I noticed about Rich is that he uses different techniques from the other massage therapists that I’ve been to. Every massage I have had from Rich has been pain free and extremely effective with eliminating the pain I had been experiencing from sitting for prolonged periods of time. I work at the System’s Control Center at the University of Virginia. Each work day I sit at a desk for 10 hours a day monitoring building automation equipment via computer software. Rich has a great personality and is extremely friendly and outgoing. I highly recommend Rich as a massage therapist especially if you have trouble with pain.
Scott L. (Stuarts Draft, VA)



Dear Rich, 
I would not have believed this method of healing power, until this was done on my own body.  I went to the Mimslyn Inn in Luray, VA. for New Years 2013.  After arriving I made an appointment for a massage with Rich.  When I met him he introduced himself and asked me if there was anywhere on my body that was in pain. I started to smile (as if he knew) and I said "yes my knees are really bothering me bigtime."  He asked how much pain on a scale of 1-10 and i replied "6 or 7".He then asked if I'd let him try a "healing technique" called Quantum Touch, I said "of course".  He then he proceeded to put his hand on my left knee very briefly and then said "how does that feel" ....I replied it was about a "2" on the scale from 1-10. He then said "lets try the other knee" and he did.  After about 2 or 3 minutes I had no more pain in either knee.  It was wonderful!  Not a true believer, I thought this pain will return.I called Rich on Jan 02, 2014 only to tell him that there was absolutely nomore pain in either knee.  Again, I would not have believed this unless it was done on my own body.  This is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me, also because there is no knee pain the pain in my hip is also clearing up. TRY IT!  UNBELIEVABLE!
Barbara J. (Washington D.C.)
I have been seeing Rich for Massage on a monthly basis. I am a “high strung” and tense person by nature; the massages greatly reduce this stress and I find that they improve my overall health. The therapy has lowered my stress level and even my blood pressure.  I feel better, am more at peace, not only during the massage but for days thereafter. It seems to erase the build-up of tension and return me to “ground zero” for a fresh start.  My various aches and pains are greatly reduced.  I recommend massage most highly, and Richard specifically. He is friendly, thoughtful, and concerned to meet my needs. He is attentive to my preferences with pressure and overall comfort.  Massage therapy is a significant component in my program for health and well being.
Dwight B. (Berryville,  VA)
Rich is professional and experienced, but he also has a friendly, relaxing presence.  His easygoing personality instantly puts you at ease.  He asks questions to get a good idea of where you might be experiencing pain or tension, and he makes sure to go over those areas first.  He checks in as needed during the massage and never makes you feel rushed.  I stay on-the-go most days due to a hectic schedule.  I never considered exactly how this affects me physically until I met with Rich.  I'm usually an early riser, even on the weekends, but the day after my massage with Rich I slept in until 11:00am.  I haven't been that relaxed in a long time.  Rich cares about his clients and it shows.
John Michael S. (Harrisonburg, VA)


As a nurse, I suffered from upper back pain for years.  I tried chiropractic which gave me no relief and physical therapy which provided only temporary relief.  After seeing Rich once my symptoms started to improve and got progressively better each visit. After 3 visits I no longer had the back pain.  Rich is amazing and I feel 150% better!
Rema F. (Waynesboro, VA)
Rich was friendly and considerate before, during, and after the massage and tried to make me feel comfortable while I was on the table.  I felt more relaxed directly afterwards and wasn't as tense throughout the week during my classes.  I'm a full-time student at UNC in Greensboro, where I study Kinesiology with a concentration in Sports Medicine.  I can now say I believe in massage therapy and am certain it is an element that is now incorporated into my personal upkeep to keep me at my best.  As far as his deep tissue massages go, he's great, and his customer service was excellent.​
Lindsey L. (Elkton, VA)
Put your doubts aside, Rich is highly skilled and gives the most effective massage I've ever had.  I'm a professor, teacher, runner and cyclist.  I get massages once a month. I've had less stress, greater mobility & flexibility.  I've noticed faster recovery from exercise (also less age-related stiffness).​  Rich's customer service is top notch and truely sincere.  Worth every penny.
​Steve L. (Bridgewater, VA)​
Being a full-time college student, stress is a huge part of my life. When my former roommate mentioned how wonderful Rich’s massages were I had to give it a try! It was such an amazing experience and I wished I had taken advantage of it sooner. It is a great way to feel truly relaxed in a healthy and natural way. I have had 3 massages since my first and have been completely satisfied with each one! Every time I go I always feel more refreshed and stress-free. Rich is an incredible massage therapist and I will forever be grateful for his gift!
Ellen M. (Stuart's Draft, VA)
I work for a Human Services Agency as a Residential Director for adults with intellectual disabilities.  I enjoy exercising, CrossFit, hiking, camping and traveling.  I saw Rich while on vacation in Virginia, and it was the best massage I have ever received.  I have felt less stressed and more relaxed since getting the massage and also experienced less muscle tension and soreness after my workouts.  Rich was very accommodating to my requests. Everyone deserves to treat themselves to a little bit of relaxation from time to time.
Kelli F. (Westminster, MD)
I'm a wedding photographer and full time student.  Massage is incredibly relaxing and important to feel balance in one's life.  Rich has an excellent way of connecting with his clients. His massages relax and heal the muscle pain caused by overuse and daily living.
Rebecca D. (Bridgewater, VA)
Rich and I went to massage school together at SVSTM and we have been close friends for years and I can say that he lives and breathes massage. He is always studying and discovering new ways of helping people heal and rejuvenate their entire being. His massages are not like any other. He has a keen intuition of how to address each client individually. He has an in depth understanding of anatomy and the energetic body. All of his products are organic, which is a great plus. Go get a massage from him! You will feel amazing! He is a true model of an excellent therapist.
Rachel F. (Woodstock, VA)
Rich, the Massage that I received from you was "hands down" one of the best that I've ever had and I've been getting massages on a regular basis for years!  I will definitely be back.
Marley (Marvin)
After my first couple visits with Rich my shoulder pain, which my doctor was recommending surgery for, was gone.  I also got relief for my knee pain.  Rich is also great at working out the tightness in my muscles, he's very insightful and intuitive and can vary his technique from gentle to firm, depending on what is needed.
Stuart W. (Port Republic, VA)
After 2 visits to Rich, my lower back and wrist pain which I'd had for years were gone!  I'm a network engineer, my lower back pain was from sitting at a computer constantly for hours at a time.  The wrist pain was due to multiple surgeries.  After each massage I would realize how much tension had built up and I hadn't even noticed it.  The massage relieves all that tension, allowing me to relax.  If you have lower back pain you should make an appointment with him, it's definitely worth it. 
Scott H. (Broadway, VA)
I'm a dental hygienist, and mother of an active 9 year old.  The work i do aggravates my back, neck and shoulders.  I get a massage once a month, but would like to have one every week.  Rich is very professional and always makes sure I'm comfortable.  After the massage I feel more relaxed and have less tension.  His techniques allow the stress and tensoin to melt away and bring me a sense of well-being and relaxation.  I can face the world renewed!
Cathy B. (Bridgewater, VA)
​Rich's technique is very good, and it can be just relaxing, or if I am having a specific problem with an area, he is great at working out the kinks.  I play tennis, run and take pilates.  I always feel much better after seeing Rich. I am less tense and just feel great in general.  Try it, i know you will love it.
Sandra D. (Harrisonburg, VA)
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